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LoanGuide.sg is on a noble mission. We strive to guide people in need of loans to apply only from the best loan providers in Singapore. Our team comprises of 8 people with an average of 11 years of expertise from the banking, money lending and also pawnshop industry. With this, we guarantee that our reviews are the best you could find!

What We Do

The loan industry in Singapore is highly dynamic and constantly changing. Keeping up with the latest updates is of vital importance to find the right loans for yourself. With your hectic work schedule, it is definitely hard for you to track the latest updates about loans in Singapore. This is where LoanGuide.sg comes in handy for you!

We regularly share useful information about loans and the different loan providers where you could get your loan from. Our team of experts reviews all the loan providers available in Singapore and provides you with insightful reviews about each of them. This way, you could find the loan providers that fits you most!

All the loan providers would be ranked each month according to our set of quality standards. This includes factors like staff politeness, loan flexibility, professionalism, reputation, customer reviews, approval rates, accessibility and more. With that being said, you could save up much of your time from doing research and get the best possible loans for your individual situation at the same time!

Where to get loans

There are many type of loan providers on our island with the main ones being banks (most traditional), licensed money lenders (for instant cash) and also pawnshops (if you have collateral). Our team adopts strict rules to filter the best loan providers in each category just for you! This would ensure that you would not become the next "victim" as each loan provider uses a variety of tactics to maximize their profits from you. We want you to find the right loans from the right people based on your unique situation.

We believe in the importance of knowledge especially when it comes to protecting your hard-earned money. As such, our news section would allow you to gain much needed skills to avoid the pitfalls in money management! We encourage you to bookmark that section as there are tonnes of invaluable knowledge about personal finance for you each week!

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